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Get the song on iTunes httpmsclvrIXgor Support PMJ on Patreon httppatreonscottbradlee Meet Kiah Victoria. Shes only 21 years old, but .


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  1. I still laugh at the fact that its in your apartment. Not for any other
    reason except, your neighbors 🙂 I have a lounge singer upstairs from
    me so I get it . that doesnt take away from the fact that I love all of
    the singers and band members . Just not upstairs from me 🙂 

  2. I really like the song and the singer, yeah she sings loud but it’s really
    nice. I can still hear all the instrumentals in the back. I don’t know, I
    just feel that it sounds very nice. Very vintage (of course lol).

  3. *All of Me – Vintage Soul of John Legend Cover ft, Kia Victoria, a
    Princess, Delicious Manna, Dropped on Us Mortals from Heaven!*

    h/t^4 (raised to the power of four, if even this enough, if not for you
    brother, this vid would not exist) +ScottBradleeLovesYa

    ping +Mani Saint-Victor, +Klue Howser, +My Music Hangout, +Christine DeGraff,
    +BandWidth Hangout On Air, +Ammon Johns +PuddlesPityParty … and so
    many other deep rooted music fans.

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