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Get this song on iTunes httpmsclvr.coF9hFvp Postmodern Jukebox on Tour! Tix here http1h4A8wz Heres our 60s girl group doo wop style remak.


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  1. Christina is by far the most talented. Sorry Robyn and Ashley… She knows
    how to act in front of the camera and present her voice in the most dynamic
    way. Postmodern Jukebox is definitely not going to become famous because of
    Robyn’s "amazing" voice.

  2. Olá!
    Gosto do saxofone qdo. tocado apenas no no silencio do(a) cantor(a).
    Dá um toque especial ä música. É como vestir uma roupa sensual,
    mas,elegante. Só em alguns momentos! todo dia perde a graça.
    – Que tal uma musica quente?

  3. *Did KISS used to do something like this?*

    I did not notice the effect until it suddenly flared.

    It’s stuff like this that makes me love P-MJ


  4. Hey folks! Stefan Zeniuk (the Flame-O-Phone player / creator) is answering
    your questions about the Flame-O-Phone in the comment section- so FIRE away

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