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  1. Who out there needs a good jam before bed time. Peace out from asThMatic
    Love yourself for at least a day and call this heaven just incase that’s
    the best it gets. #music #jam #night #soul #oldschool #vintage

  2. Seeing as how I don’t follow pop, never even heard of Sam Smith, until
    Cristina’s wonderful cover & was prompted to look him up: like most, turns
    out to be an utter disappointment.o/

    Seriously what does it say about the state of contemporary music & famous
    studio-signed artists, when YouTube indy covers sound infinitely better,
    and in point of fact make the covers sound as if what the songs should have
    originally been all along??

    No spine-tingling? It ain’t soul, baby. And sorry lovable Britons, but Sam
    Smith ain’t got no "soul."

    Sam Cooke? Now that, is *SOUL* !!

    Speaking of which, this song deserves a Cooke-ian or an Otis Redding-esque,
    or a Wilson Pickett treatment!

    But Gatti’s so fine, ain’t complainin’oD

    *Stay With Me – Vintage 1940s "Old Hollywood" Style:*

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