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  1. Dejen de ser tan cabrones y excluyentes con el español de Robin. Tiene un
    acento marcado pero su pronunciación es aceptable y se entiende. Disfruten
    la música!

  2. As a bilingual and living in Mexico i think she did a pretty good job in
    the spanish parts, it reminded me a little of mexican american artist
    Selena Quintanilla and a bit of a tone of mexican rock singer Alejandra
    Guzman, and also a tone of spanish or south american accent in some parts,
    I dont know if the artist here speaks spanish, but those are my thoughts

  3. I love all your covers…. This one I hate, extremely generic, it doesn’t
    represent any Vintage Latin genre, the translation is really really really
    reeeeeally bad, it’s obvious you didn’t get an actual Spanish speaker
    person to translate the lyrics. The translation is very literal and it
    doesn’t make sense lyrically or musically. I’m not offended (like some
    other people commenting) but I think if you care enough to do a Latin
    version you should get some real Latinos to translate and sing the songs.
    1/10 Terrible almost insulting to my culture.

  4. Aside from this amazing cover: Am I the only one who thinks the shoes don’t
    fit the dress? 😀 Why does it bother me so much.. I can’t look anywhere
    else :D

  5. I would still like to hear Robyn sing ‘Santa Baby’ for you PMJ Christmas
    Album, and hear Scott do some versions of ‘Have yourself a Merry Little
    Christmas’, and have the whole PMJ gang do ‘Grandma Got Ran Over By A

  6. As usual I love the music, but Robyn needs a new dance. Don’t change your
    voice, just your dance. Shake things up a bit so it doesn’t get stale. Same
    dance every video. 

  7. When I jam with my rock band I can never hear myself singing over the drums
    and distorted guitars because it’s so loud no matter how loud I sing/turn
    up the mic any advice?

  8. This would be soo much better if you guys actually used a clave, any clave.
    The congas sounds like he going for a 2:3 clave, but the piano and drumset
    weren’t doing him any favors. It’s great nonetheless, but I would’ve
    swooned like a tween if there was a clave of sorts.

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