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Previous Vintage Vlog – http1ykSn6J Matts Channel – httpsuserJustMattWatson As you may have guessed from the Disney Vlogs, Im having a clear out of old footage.


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  1. i love these vlogs and found it super cute of matt. i have been watching
    you for 2 years and i can honestly say you haven’t changed a bit and thats
    why i can always rely on a good sprinkle of glitter vlog. and i can read
    the comments and its full of positive people which is lovely to see. i cant
    wait to see Darcy as you said thats she has grown up and to watch more of
    these vlogs. 

  2. Louise, it’s 1:30 in the morning here in NZ and I couldn’t sleep. I’ve
    recently been through a rough break-up and it honestly has cheered me up
    1000% to see you and Matt having such a good time together and as always it
    gives me a sense that it is worth waiting for someone who gives you
    everything. I know how corny I sound I just really needed you to know how
    much you have turned my night/morning around <3

  3. Super duper old footage from Valentines this year. Thought you might enjoy
    to watch it. Matt’s channel is listed in the downbar if you are interested.
    Love you!! xxx

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