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For more hair tutorials and updates Please visit my blog ebeautyblog Like my facebook page Music from Music4YourVids.co.uk Song Summer Morning FAQs -Why use glove The glove comes with the curling iron I bought. Its to prevent your hands from getting burn. You dont have to use the glove if you dont want to but I preferred using it with these type of irons since Id have more control when styling. -Where do you get the hair velcro I got it from Ebay. You can do a google search for quothair velcroquot and there will be many similar ones pop up. Make sure its the ones with a little bump that adds volume to the base not the flat types. -Does teasing or curling your hair necessary for this hairstyle I wanted a little bumpvolume on my crown thats why I used the hair velcro instead of teasing. Also, I find that curling my hair for the bow part makes it a lot easier to work with. You dont have to follow the exact steps that I did, you can change and alter the steps around to make it work with your own hair. Have fun amp good luck. xoxo, Cinthia

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