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I never thought my brows were that perfect but Since so many viewers kept on requested a Brow Tutorial .I decide to film a Video D If you naturally dont h.


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  1. i srsly cannot do my eyebrows for real they are uneven i can’t shape them right, the little hairs under my brows i have to keep shaving them cuz like for real i get so many of them like every other day and all i do is use an eyebrow razor idk its just so annoying and i cant do them right

  2. Your natural eyebrows look exactly like mine. This video was so helpful. I hate my eyebrows! I’ve been trying to do my eyebrows like this for so long but they always look weird. thank you for this video!

  3. Hi there, I am a big fan, I think you are beautiful inside and out. You are so talented. I was wondering in regards to your eyebrows did you pluck your eyebrows on the outer part short on purpose to shape your eyebrows better?

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