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In this short video I’m demonstrating mens haircut 2018 inspiration, imo this mens slick back hairstyle is one of the most impressive I’ve featured on this mens hair channel, this is a great example of straight hair style, however I’m going to bring you more mens hair tutorial videos over 2018. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it!

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I want to hear from you down in the description: What did you think of this hairstyle & haircut itself, did you like the way the slick back was styled?

Details about this haircut: sides and back: skin fade to a 3
Products used to achieve this mens hairstyle: Pomade, water based

Thank you to Jack The Clipper & Apo for letting us film with them
Shop Address: 47 Bow Lane, London, EC4M 9DL

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I hope you enjoy this how to style a slick back, if you have straight hair, this tutorial demonstrates perfectly what products you should use to achieve a very similar style to Jeff’s mens haircut 2018.

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