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My blog allthatmakeup1. QUALITY AFFORDABLE BRUSHES sigmabeauty Hey guys so today I did New No Heat CurlyWavy Hair Tutorial using no products, no Curlers, no french braiding. This hair tutorial is very easy to do, and you can do this anytime, and anywhere, since all you need is just your hair alone… For this tutorial Im NOT going to be using any sponge rollers, bendy rollers, bobby pins, ragrocks, or any heatless hair tools. Also, this doesnt require you to French braid your hair. All you need for this tutorial is simply just your hair and water. You might need a spray for this. I hope you guys find this helpful. Dont hesitate to ask me questions if you have any. LEAVE REQUESTS OR TALK TO ME ON FACEBOOK Follow me on twitter beautyklove Background music Originally made for me by my dad

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