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  1. +ScottBradleeLovesYa One does not simply let the tambourine be played by
    one who isn’t The Tambourine Guy.

    But hopefully the next song will feature The Tambourine Guy without
    tambourine, tapdancing. Please??

  2. tl:dr – meh, a bad Taylor Swift song should have stayed a Taylor Swift song.

    Not my favorite at all. I didn’t like the original, it’s way too
    self-indulgiant for an artist to sing about something that is so clearly
    about themselves and no one else. So that is a strike against it – and it
    also makes it hard, if not impossible, for anyone else to sing it and it to
    make any sense.

    But even then, the style didn’t sound all that Motown to me, it still
    sounded pretty 21st century Pop. :-/

  3. This song was quite difficult for him, he had a bit of trouble timing his
    breathing and this song was almost out of his range, which in turn had him
    off key a few times but not so seriously. Not that this performance wasn’t
    good, it was nice, but I think I would’ve liked to see it done with the
    usual singer.

  4. oh at first I thought you guys covered "shake it up" by florence and the
    machine… but sadly not. I really love your covers, but sometimes I wish
    you would do more qualitative songs, not just pop trash (like lately)…

  5. it’s a mess mixing wise, also it’s very woolly… lacking high fidelity.
    There’s too much going on with too many instruments, honestly; less is
    more. Doesn’t help I’m not a fan of this song as such but that’s just

  6. The music variation was spot on like motown, but I feel his voice didn’t
    match at all. His voice was too bold and theatrical. I feel like motown
    label music always had a smooth velvety sound and a lot of feeling . My
    personal opinion though. No hate to this singer

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