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My website klairedelys My first hair tutorial in aaaaggges but Im warning you now I wont be doing a tone of hair tutorials. Im the kind of person who either leaves their hair loose and crazy or puts it up in chopstick when its longer. So I probably wont be doing many hair tutorials. Either way I hope you like this one In total this took me about 20 minutes The tutorial for the makeup youtube Music by Deem youtube For those of you asking me to do reviews I do reviews on my blog. I dont like doing videos as I tend to just blabber on and on and Id rather keep thing short and concise plus I also tend to forget things in video Link to my blog klairedelys. Spotlight channel of this week is youtube ————————————————————– Where else to find me WebsiteBlog klairedelys Twitter Facebook Page My second Channel youtube Deviant Art Account klairedelysviantart Google plus.google Tumblr klairedelys. ————————————————————– What I used -Hair Brush -Hair Pins -Lush Saving Face Serum This one is meant primarily for the face but I found out it works wonders on dry splitting ends and slightly frizzy hair. Just be careful not to use too much on frizzy hair or it will start to look oily -Lush The Big Teasequot Disclaimer Everything used in this ltbgt…ltbgt

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