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I found out what made my voice sound so high in the beginning. It was the way the video editor settings were put.

This video is about what I use during winter to style my hair! 3 main steps! Step 1 only do in the beginning and don’t repeat it- remember more is not better. Only put a sufficient amount and not excessive or it will end up greasy.

this method allows my hair to be moisturized, defined and volumptous!

If you have and comments or questions let me know below or about any product recommendations! None of these are paid promotion products! :)

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editing: me @j.hadas
Filming: @sleiipnir
Camera Canon 80 D 40 mm lens from @_grantrivers_
Outro: @richardisricci

INTRO SONG: Get Low – Lil Jon
VIDEO SONG: Track Name: „Days Like These“
Music By: LAKEY INSPIRED @ https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
OUTRO SONG: Click Flash – Ciara